Prinz and Candela

Our new used dogs arrived like refugees in the night, Candela, a 35 kilo Rottweiler and Prinz, what my wife says is the Doberman which I inadvertently shrunk in the wash.  They’re fun but slobbery, stinky and wiggly critters, they’re also very sweet when they sleep: the same could be said of some children.  Seeing the Rotty run is to watch raw power; it’s quite terrifying if you imagine Candela from a cat’s perspective, or a Jehovah’s Witness.  The little schnitzel Prinz is a born scout with his pointy nose and bat ears; he’s also a lapdog at just 5 kilos.



The house is filled now with the sounds, smells (sometimes together) and hair piles of animals that usually live in dens, and it’s beginning to feel like it.  I’ve been their constant companion in their welcoming phase; we get daily exercise hiking the hills together and I spend time at work while they nap.


I found this one easy to carve as the subject was curled up in my lap.  I like the form and since I have a model right here I might as well do a few more.  The features of this breed and Prinz in particular: the wiener tail, spindly legs and almond eyes, the pointy nose and bat ears are all fertile elements for caricature.  The ears are the most challenging but also have huge emotive potential.  I’m looking forward to the challenge, after a walk.

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